The title says it all, sometimes blogging does get tough. Have you ever had that feeling where you don’t feel inspired at all and you’re waiting for that light bulb moment to just *ping* in your head. I’m sure we’ve all been there. 

Well I get these periods where I just feel so demotivated and uninspired and I find it really hard to bring myself out of these mental traps, but over the last few months I’ve found an escape and built myself a little process to get back inspired when times are hard. I hope sharing this with you today helps you when your feeling the same *insert fist pump emoji*:

Step number 1: Get yo ass on Bloglovin. Reading your favourite blogs, new blogs or places of interest really get me inspired. I love learning from other people and seeing what the people I follow are up to in their life. Whether that be the theme of post, products they’ve mentioned or something they’ve said, it can easily break down that mental barrier and get you thinking again. However, don’t read too much! Zoe London recently made a really good point in her recent Q&A video. Reading blogs too much makes you subconsciously lose your style and you begin to copy/adapt your writing around them. I’m not saying read one post a day max that would be silly, I’m just saying don’t over read blogs as you may latch onto a particular style that just isn’t your own.

Step number 2: Read a magazine. Either paper or online, it doesn’t matter. Learn about the latest trends, products or happenings in the world. I learn so much from magazines such as GQ, Esquire and T3 about the latest products and trends, that really inspire the themes of my posts and purchases. 

Step number 3: Get chilled. It will be hard to find inspiration when you’re not in an environment you don’t like. I find putting some music on in the background, lighting a candle and getting myself a nice cup of coffee really relaxes me. I’m not one of those people who like complete silence even when it comes to essay writing, I need a little ambient music. But for you this could be a whole different story, some of you may enjoy sitting in a local cafe with your laptop, or hanging with your family. Whatever gives you your zen moment, go for it! You’ll notice a difference straight away when you switch off the bad distractions. 

Step number 4: Talk to your readers. I’m sure we all have people who regularly read your blog, that you know in one way or another. Talk to them. Ask them why they love reading your blog, what their favourite type of post is you’ve written and why they like it. You may not know what you’re best at until you ask what people like the most about your blog. 

Step number 5: Write what makes you happy. If you let it, writing can make you unhappy. If you feel like you have to post and have to write, yet you don’t feel like your enjoying it, then not only you but your readers will notice it. Have a day off, or even a week off. Let your creativity come back naturally instead of forcing it into words. The truth is, the faster you accept sometimes times are difficult, the easier it becomes to drag yourself out of that trap and find inspiration. Remember why you started blogging, and what you found exciting then. Was it your initial hobby? Was it a particular role-model blogger? Was it how you could express yourself through writing? Then it will all come naturally, just like it did before. 


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