Facial oils are fantastic for hydrating, nourishing and protecting the skin, but what are the right things to look for and what sets aside a good facial oil from a not so good one?

For me, facial oils are something that can either work really well for my skin or make me break out. They can also cause my skin to become really oily if the wrong ones and the wrong amounts are used. 

I tend to use facial oils on a night time as they have time to absorb into my skin and let the goodness in them work. The two oils I use on a night are Caudalie PolyPhenol Overnight Detox Oil (£29)  containing almond, orange and sunflower oil, and the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate(£36) containing blended oils and Primrose. These are both highly recommended products not just by myself but the majority of the blogging/skincare/beauty community. They’re both light and non greasy letting your skin breath and leaving your natural oils untouched. You can really tell the difference using the right facial oils as you wake up with a healthy glow and a radiant complexion. On a morning I live my another oil that has different properties to the other two mentioned. This is the Triolgy Rosehip Oil (£16.50). I can not begin to describe how much this has cleared up scars from acne, fine lines and uneven skin tone since I’ve started using this. If I could recommend one oil it would definitely be this one. Anyone who has those teenage spot scars or still has a mild form of acne, this is a must have!

Keep an eye out for my part two for facial oils as I will be showing you all a little tip I do! What are your favourite oils?


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