So if you’re unfortunate enough like me to have quite thin and fine hair, compared to luscious thick gorgeous locks… then at times you feel kinda… down in the dumps when it comes to styling your hair in the morning. Never the less, and I kid you not, there are many ways to prevent thin hair from cramping your (hair) style. 

Quick disclaimer here, I am no where near a professional hair stylist, these are just personal tips that I use myself to give me that volume boost on a morning, so here we go!

1. My number one basic, basic, basic tip for making my hair have more volume and thickness, is conditioning before shampooing. Now this may seem completely strange to you, but after the first time doing this you can notice a complete difference in your hair straight away. It doesn’t even matter what shampoo or conditioner you use, simply condition your hair first then wash it with shampoo. This way you still get that fresh shine to your hair, but the shampoo leaves it feeling fuller and volumised. It takes a little time to get use to but once you’ve done it you’ll think it’s genius. 

2. Next is the type of shampoo and conditioner you use. I’ve being using the Nanogen Thickening Treatment Range for Men (Women’s version is also available) but you know me, gender products don’t affect my judgement is whether the products work or not. In this case, oh yes it works. Simply wash your hair as you would and you’ll completely see and feel a difference. The Nanogen Thickening Range if filled with amino acids and salicylic acid to enrich and nourish which can be noticed from literally the first wash. Now I’m familiar with salicylic acid used in skincare products and I was amazed when I found out it was in this hair care product too. The shampoo emulsifies into this delicious smelling foam that soothes and calms the scalp while working from the routes of the hair to thicken and texturise. The best thing about Nanogen products is they actually work unlike many claim to do and at a brilliant price of £7.95, your really can’t complain. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now and it hasn’t matched anything I’ve tried yet. 

You can buy the Shampoo and Conditioner here.

3. Backcombing. Now this is widely familiar when it comes to women trying to get a little umfff in their hair but it can work for men too. I use this technique when blowdrying my hair, and using a brush I move it back and forward in a fast motion whilst blowing the specific area with the dryer, then one slow brush upwards when I’ve finished that section. This is probably quite hard to explain, but it works very well if you like a nice textured quiff look. 

4. Back to conditioning, don’t go overboard with the conditioner people. Conditioning your hair with too much will make it silky but floppy at the same time giving it that thin texture and appearance.

5. And finally one more tip for thin hair that gets me by, is salt spray. Salt spray is literally a life saver at times alongside dry shampoo when my hair is dead and dull. Spray a bit of this on and give it a rub and you get an instant beach look shine and texture to your hair that leaves it looking healthy and most importantly, volumised. Volumised, are we sick of hearing that word now, because I’m tried of typing it!?

Let me know what your tips are if you have thin or fine hair. I’d love love love to know! Thanks for reading.


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*This product/s was sent as a PR sample, all opinions and views are my own and not influenced*