By far saving best till last, and part 6 of 6 of this weeks mini series, I got the Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews Watch for Christmas. I am literally in love. For those of you who follow my instagram (shameless plug… @giannic_) you’ll know I’ve being posting picture after picture of this, by the christmas tree, by the window, by the dinner table, at work… by the end I was deleting them out of sheer embarrasment. I am obsessed. 

What I love about Daniel Wellington watches is their amazing quality. The leather is nice and thick, with a perfect rose gold and white watch face. I love how the watch is so simplistic yet sophisticated. Another thing I found pleasing about this watch is that it is virtually silent. Ive had many watches in the past that tick tock tick tock and it’s a nightmare when you’re trying to get to sleep, but with this one you could hear a pin drop. 

This is a timeless piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It literally hasn’t left my wrist since the day I got it and I can not wait to invest in more from the brand. I can see this becoming a lot more popular in 2015. This particular model costs £179, but well worth the investment. I think it is totally worth the price for the quality you receive, not to mention it comes in the cutest leather case. The perfect gift for the man of the house.

I hope you all enjoyed my little Christmas gift series, check out my previous posts to see what else was in my stocking from santa! Have a good weekend guys. 


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