As you can guess from the title, I may have went a little crazy on Feel Unique the other day, and the result is shown. A lovely little package arrived at my door with all the goodies I bought so I thought it was only right to show you all.

Feel Unique is a fantastic website if you’re looking for anything cosmetic/skincare related. They have a wide range of brands and products that are hard to find elsewhere, especially brands such as Korres, Weleda and Caudalie. I’ve being using Feel Unique now for a few years as my source of products and it was actually my mum who first introduced me to it. 

Anyways enough of the background info, lets get down to the exciting part. First of all I purchased the Moa The Green Balm (£8.95). This is a product I’ve heard so much about so I had to give it a go. It’s an all natural healing balm that can be used for so many things, either a cleanser, treatment purposes, aftershave balm or soothing cream. This is perfect for bites, spots, scratches, rashes or itchy skin conditions. Containing tea tree (my sacrid natural ingredient, perfect for its soothing/antiseptic properties, and achillea known for nourishing and healing.

Next a repurchase. About 6 months ago I bought the Origins GinZing Energy Boosing Moisturiser (£18.00), then unfortunately used it all up. It was so nice I had to buy it again. Let my just say now, this is the best smelling/scented product I have ever had. Like, wow. It smells of fresh oranges and when applying, makes your skin feel so fresh and hydrated you can feel the effects all day. Containing Ginseng and Caffeine  this is the perfect day moisturiser to wake you up on those dreaded Monday mornings. 

Moving swiftly on, we have the REN 1 Minute Facial (£31.00). Now I first heard about this on Gh0stparties and the product really intrigued me. Now I can tell you after using it this is by far one of the best skincare products I have ever tried. And that is no exaggeration. The whole experience with this product from the texture when dry, to the texture when wet, to the after effects is exhilarating. It starts off as a soft exfoliation, then once added with water releases the vitamin C and turns into a gel type cleanser. Once washed off your face feels refreshed and toned. I can see this being my favourite product of 2015 by far.

Another interesting product I saw whilst browsing through Feel Unique was the Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion (£14.00). Now what really stood out to me was that it contained Salicylic Acid (A known favourite of mine) which works wonders on my skin. The tonic/toner it self doesn’t have any major strong scent, yet when applied gives your skin a tight, healthy feel to it. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results after a few weeks of using this one.

Jurlique is a brand that I’ve never actually tried but I’ve always heard positive things about their product. When I stumbled upon this Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex Moisturising Cream (£23.09) **and breath** I had to add it to my basket. Rose is something I love in a product and this rich, intense hydrating cream is perfect before bed. After use it instantly takes away any dry patches, especially mine around the eye brows which always appear in the cold weather. LAV IT.

Finally, another product recommended by Kate from Gh0stparties, was the Weleda Purifying Lotion (£9.95). I was really intrigued by this product about how it stimulates and balances essential oils in your skin. Containing calendula, chamomile and sulphur, this calms and soothes the skin, evening skin tone and restoring natural blood flow. It’s recommended to use twice daily but I think once a day is enough, plus making it last longer. However, you cant complain because the price fantastic. Another product I can see myself loving in 2015.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my little Feel Unique Haul! Let me know if you find any of these interesting, and for now I will leave you with a few close ups of the products I’ve been talking about. Thanks for reading.


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