If you know me well, you’ll be aware that I am a complete candle addict and if something new comes along… I’ll want it. But not only new candles attract me, there are some old favourites that never get old. 

Even the scent when you’ve burt the same candle over and over again feels like a first time the moment the wax starts burning. Since it’s near christmas and the nights are getting dark and cold, it’s the time I call candle season. It’s also the time a lot of people lose their candle obsession virginities and shops like Collectables stock their shelves up with pots of wax.

If you fancy a new candle this Winter, I have two very different candles here that are great for any room in the house. These two candles are from one end of the spectrum to the other, in terms of quality, price and scent.

Diptyque Figuier Candle – £40

If you haven’t already guessed from the name, this candle smells of Figs. I absolutely love the smell of fig scented products. It’s a very neutral scent that as said before is perfect in any room of the house. Its very deodorising and isn’t too strong to completely overpower the room. It has a very naturey smell with hints of wood, sap and leaves. I really like this candle and the design is just beautiful. I love Diptyque’s clean branding which they have over their complete line of products. You can also get the scent of this candle in a room spray and a diffuser so whatever you prefer, they have it!

M&S Winter Scented Lidded Candle – £15

This limited edition Christmas themed candle has a gorgeous copper lid, with an attached metal christmas tree on top. Not only does it completely stand out on the shelf, it has a completely unique scent that is just mouthwatering. It has notes of mistletoe, herbs, cinnamon and clove… to give a relaxed and festive atmosphere to whichever room you desire. It is a lot more powerful than the Diptyque candle in terms of filling the room with a scent, however it burns a lot quicker.

These are both fantastic candles for your house in this festive season and would look great on or next to a fire place, nativity set or window sill.

What are your favourite candles? I’m always up for suggestions.


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