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It’s that time of week again and it only feels like yesterday I was writing last weeks Sunday post, and don’t I have some good links for you this week.

I love the feeling of productivity. Getting things done and that. Being productive makes me feel useful in ways and that time isn’t just getting wasted. Either it be writing a post, getting a long list of jobs done or even simplistic things such as tidying the house. Knowing I’ve had a day of worth while minor success is one of the biggest motivational kicks up the ass I can get. My only challenge is channeling this into whats important also know as Uni. What have you done productive this week?

I’m going to shamelessly plug my pervious post here. I wrote about The Body Shop 2014 advent calendar and I cant get over how brilliant it is this year. Check it out.

I bought these from Asda to organise all of my skincare in this week. It went pretty well.

I loved Andrew Garfields outfit this week seen on GQ.

House plants are becoming a popular things among blogging culture. Kate just knows how to do this.

I’m already after my next Candle and I’ve been Looking at the Cire Trudon Bethleem Candle. If only I could afford £65 to spend on one.

Someone needs to buy me this Alpha H Luxe Kit for Christmas. I’m in love.

Need a personalised Christmas present? You’ll find one here.

Looking for Christmas beauty gift sets? I bought a few from this website.

I found this article about Esquire Magazine very interesting.

Are vintage camera designs coming back as a modern cult?

I want want want this outfit for university!

Have a good weekend my lovelies. 


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