Oh my gosh it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas now and I love it! All of the shops have their Christmas displays out, the lights are getting put up on the trees and of course, the John Lewis advert is now live on the telly. I think thats the point you know Christmas is coming, all we need now is the Coca-Cola truck one. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming! 

On a side note, I am currently putting together my Christmas gift guide so keep looking out for that! It’s going to be good.

I’ve being reflecting quite a lot on gianniC this week and how much it has came along considering it is almost 1 year since I started it. It’s mind-blowing how far I feel I’ve came myself in the year and the people I have had contact with, not to mention the emails, comments, messages and likes I’ve received and to be honest, I can’t say thank you enough to show my appreciation for them all. There are so many inspirational people out there that I feel aren’t credited enough for their hard work and achievements, and how they inspire people like me to carry on producing the content I’m writing.

As always here are my links of the week to get you through your weekend! Enjoyyyyyyy.

This week I bought all of my Christmas presents, mainly from here and here.

I bought this Diptyque candle from Space NK this week. I can’t wait till it arrives!

I also bought this more affordable christmas candle from M&S.

I loved reading about the GQ menswear fashion trends S/S report.

Reading Kate’s post about natural skincare has really inspired my next purchases.

I learnt a few new things reading about Estee Lauder on MANFACE.

I also bought another candle this week, it has a copper lid.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these pictures of Kim.

I really want to buy the Skin Secrets book by Liz Earle.

This article on Autumn Skincare really opened my eyes about some new products I want!


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