A lot of blogs I read, write every Sunday a round up of the week called The Sunday Post…. So I’ve decided to be a compete copy and do the exact same thing *sassy girl emoji*. 

Hope you all have a great weekend, here are my favourite links from the week;

I really enjoyed reading this article about Kate’s disappointing products.

This song was played every day this week.

While I was at Paris I was so tempted to buy this Estee Lauder product.

I’m loving the new Autumn wear from River Island this year. 

I’ve loved reading Hello Freckles Halloween post.

I’ve also loved reading Helens Autumn Skincare Essentials. 

Please can someone give me this living room.

Snagged these awesome chelsea boots from Zara at Paris.

Really like the sound of this candle on MANFACE this week.

It’s crazy how much these phones cost.

I’ve had some great feedback from my skincare series;

This will be the next item to my room.

I was over the moon when I found out ASOS have introduced a grooming section.

I really want to wear this jacket every day of my life.

Loving Brad Pitts new do. 


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