IT’S FINALLY HERE! The time of year everyone is waiting for… the release of The Body Shop Christmas collection! And I must say they have done amazing this year. 

They have brought to the shelves so much to choose from as well as some new and old scents. I was invited along to their Middlesbrough Christmas Event with Megan, and we could not believe our eyes from the amount they have brought out. There was literally Christmas products everywhere you looked and as much as I’d like to, there is no way I can talk about each Christmas gift they have… theres loads of them!

After spending lots and lots of time browsing the shelves I have put together my Body Shop Christmas Gift Guide, which are a selection of my favourites this year that I think would be perfect gifts for friends and family. 

First of all I have to mention the gorgeous new scent they have out this year which they’ve also created a whole range around too. It’s called Glazed Apple and is has a very familiar scent, kinda reminds me of Apple Sours. Yes that is a good thing! It comes in literally everything, shower gel, hand cream, lotion and their brand new Bath Jelly. This stuff is genius. You just take a spoon full with the super cute provided spatular, then plop it into your bath and it dissolves leaving bubbles of apple scented goodness behind. The amazing thing is which one of the lovely Body Shop ladies demonstrated, is that the jelly sets back to its original state in the tub so no matter how much you mess it up, leave it for 5 minutes and it looks brand new again. You must try this out! If you fancy going all out and trying a few of the Glazed Apple collection they do a great gift bundle called the Tin Of Treasures which you can see in the photos below.

This year they have also brought out the well known Christmas classic, Frosted Cranberry. But a new edition to this collection is their Bath Sprinkles. These are basically glamorised bath salts that dissolve and make the water bubbly and smell delicious. They come in gorgeous bauble shaped bottles, again, a perfect present for a lady in the family… or gent! What I’ve also loved from this year is every Christmas collection has a ‘sparkler’. Now these are perfect if you have any ladies in the family that love a bit of glitter when they go out. They are basically little bottles of fine scented powder that you spritz on your body. I love them!

One ting that disappointed me this year a little bit was the loss of the ginger scented products that I LOVED last year. It is a shame that they haven’t brought them back this year, however I have fell in love with a new favourite, the brand new Vanilla Brûlée range. Wow. I mean Wow. Let’t just say I bought almost the entire range straight away. Its delicious. I’d eat it if I could! It has a very sweet scent but at the same time is discrete enough to not smell sickly or overpowering. I absolutely love the Bath Jelly in this scent as well as the hand cream. Yumm

Of course they have their novelty gift sets like the Lip Balm Lolly and the Santa’s Slay Shower Gel. There are so many this year I won’t even attempt to list them all, however if you are interested in finding out what’s new to The Body Shop shelves this year, you can check out their Christmas Range here.

Thanks for reading and I will leave you all with a few pictures of the event down below! Thanks for reading as always and Happy Christmas Shopping!


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