Of course being a skincare enthusiast, lover and all round geek, I have a huge wish list for new products… if only I had unlimited funds. Most people want a new item of clothing or want to spend their money on a night out, don’t get me wrong I love those things too but I would be far more excited to spend £40-£50 on a luxe skincare product. 

The first product on my skincare wish list is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This is a well loved product from bloggers to dermatologists, and everything about this product seems to be positive. Not to mention, the luxurious packaging never fail to draw my attention. 

Next is the Origins Super Spot Remover. This product reminds me a little of my much loved Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution. I really want to see if theres any difference considering they both contain near enough the same ingredients. Also, my friend Megan highly recommended this to me and after taking her advice for the Trilogy Rosehip Oil, I trust her opinion again!

Moving on, this is a product I am realllllllly excited to purchase. Again, Estee Lauder score 10/10 for sexy packaging and this Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum lives right up to that. Containing salicylic acid (my favourite treatment acid), I am really looking forward to getting this when I come round to it. I tried a little in my nearest House of Frazer and I fell in love with the silky, smooth texture. It didn’t feel sticky or tacky which is a key turn off for me when it comes to product testing… turn off, did I really just say that? 

Sarah Chapman is another highly rated brand that I have never bought into. The much loved Overnight Facial again is raved by many bloggers and YouTubers so something must be good? WANT WANT WANT. 

Finally something I have being after for quite a while now, the Philosophy Miracle Lactic Cleanser & Mask. I found the idea of this product quite interesting as it’s a cleanser that doubles as a mask. After you’ve cleansed your face before washing it off you leave it on for a couple of minutes to let the Lactic acid do its job, wash off then carry on as normal. It sounds a little like the Flint+Flint Glycolic Cleanser which for the record I absolutely adore. 

So theres just a few off my wish list, let me know if you’ve tried any of these. What did you think?


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