I have being meaning to write this post for a long time now about the Nurtiganics Range at The Body Shop. It’s one of those collections that isn’t really talked about much over the internet, and in my opinion deserves a lot more credit than it already has. I absolutely love it. There are so many products in the range from night creams to toners, and today I’m going to talk about my three favourite!

When I first discovered this range it was when the Nutriganics Drops of Youth serum was launched. There was so much hype about this product I had to buy it and for the last few months it has become a solid part of my skincare routine. Maybe I should give you some background info about Nutriganics… well, to start with all products are fully organic and designed for women ages 30-40. But I never listen to age related products anyway. It’s marketed to people suffering from the first signs of ageing but all of these products are prefect for any age, as I feel it’s easier to put off the signs of ageing rather than minimising existing signs. Why not start earlier? Not only does it contain many natural anti-ageing ingredients to combat wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and firm. Especially the Drops of Youth Concentrate. It comes in a little tube, available in two sizes (30ml and 50ml), and has a little pipet on the lid to extract the solution. Now this is where the downside to this product lies. I think that they haven’t spent enough time and probably money developing the pipet as it doesn’t really suck up the gel like solution. This isn’t too much of an issue as I use the pipet as a kind of spoon to spoon it out of the pot. Other than that little hiccup, its a lovely formula that sinks in immediately onto the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished by morning.

Next! The Nutriganics Refreshing Toner. This was recommended to me by one of The Body Shop staff, when I asked if they had anything that was cooling and light on the skin. At the time I had a little bit of sun burn and I needed something to calm it down. This toner is unlike any other I’ve used before as it comes out in a gel form then when applied to the skin, melts down into an oil like liquid. It is sooooooo refreshing when you apply it and is a great prep for your skin. This has became my every day morning toner as it’s fast drying and brightening. Perfect for what I need on an early morning before University. It comes in a 200ml tube which is more than enough, well worth your money as it’s only £10.

Finally, something new to me that I discovered at a Body Shop event I attended a few months ago. The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. This is like the Drops of Youth Serums big brother and does exactly the same job but around your eyes. It comes with a very unique pump action ball applicator… that you roll around your eye area in a figure of eight to start the treatment. Now what amazed me about this product are the customer facts: 

  • 78% said their eye bags were reduced
  • 77% agreed fine lines were reduced 
  • 80% agreed eyes appeared less tired

I think these are brilliant results for a product that only costs £18. Although this doesn’t match to luxe eye creams and solutions, this does give that instant wake up boost people need on a morning and I honestly recommend this product to anyone who needs that ice bucket challenge wake up call.

So theres a few great anti-aging, brightening, soothing, all round brilliant products you can get your hands on without having to take out a mortgage. 

Have you tried these products before?


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*Some of these products were sent as a PR sample, all opinions and views are my own*



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