Today I thought I’d show you currently where the magic happens, no not my bed, my workspace. It’s a place that I’m constantly changing, moving around, modifying… basically I’m never happy with how it looks for longer than a week. But right now I’m quite content with how it’s working out and looking. 

I love having somewhere I can sit down and work, either it be University assignments, blogging, answering emails and basic day to day jobs. But lets start off with the main tool. My Macbook Pro. Once upon a time I was a huge Microsoft/Windows fan and I vowed to myself I’d never buy a Mac. i thought they were overrated and an overblown hype. Oh was I wrong. Just before I started uni my Sony Vaio, Windows 8 laptop completely broke on me (perfect timing!) Considering it cost me £800 at the time and I’d had it no longer than 2 years, looked after it very well and had full anti-virus softwares protecting it, I wasn’t too happy. So when my student loan came round I thought it was time to actually buy into this hype and see what the fuss was all about. Lets just say, I’m never going back to windows. Even though they are incredibly sexy and a statement piece to your office space, they are amazingly good at making your working life a hell of a lot easier. For example make the use of iCloud! I take great advantage of my calendar because it syncs to all of my Apple devices immediately and notifies me of appointments and dates on whichever device I’m using at the time. This is really starting to sound like a Macbook review but I can say now, it has really aided me through photography and blogging with tools that have brought me further an any windows program has. Moving swiftly on…

For my birthday this year a very special person bought me some amazing speakers. After my pervious speakers broke (I have a problem with things breaking by the looks of it), I was surprised with these beauties and I absolutely love them. They produce amazing sound quality even through YouTube videos which are normally distorted, and are perfect for video editing to get that crisp, realistic and accurate sound. 

Lastly, and probably the newest edition to my room. My simple and beautifully designed calendar which you can see in the first photo. I found this on Jasmine Dowling’s blog. She is an amazing typographer, graphic designer and all round brilliant blogger. This calendar is free to download as a PDF and I’ve just hung it up with an old clipboard I found which looks great against my white wall. Love a bitta contrast! You can download this here.

I got most of my desk inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram using hashtags like #officeinspo, #workspace, #officeinteriors. You catch my drift. And there are some amazing workspaces out there which I completely envy every time I see them. 

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