Blackheads. It’s an awful word, and an awful bane to have sitting under your skin. I have a few tips here on how to get rid for good!

Many people don’t know, that blackheads aren’t dirt trapped under the skin giving them a dark black appearance, but an oxidisation of bacteria that causes the colour in them. The technical word for a blackhead is a Comedo. A comedo is a blocked pore that can be open or close, open creating a blackhead, or closed creating a whitehead. The blackhead is formed by excess oils and skin cells reading with the air, appearing dark and worm like under the skin. I’ve suffered from blackheads most of my life especially in my early teenage years. I’ve tried many different medications, creams, gel, solutions and tablets to try and take these away and over the years I’ve pulled together a few products that have really worked for me. So today ill share them with you. Can I just say that rule number 1, don’t try and squeeze them. This is the mistake I made and it has caused me scaring and damaged pores. Not good!

So, lets begin. Stage 1. Clean and wash your face with your evening cleanser with warm water to expand the pores, making it easier to clean them out. Then use the Scrub Your Nose In It – Scrub by Soap and Glory. I have been using this product for quite a few years now and its amazing. It instantly takes away the appearance of the blackhead and cleans away any dirt especially on the surface of the skin. 

Stage 2. Use the Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Pore Purifying Mask on the nose and forehead, and any other spot prone areas. Leave on for 5 minutes. Salicylic acid is a favourite of mine as it penetrates under the skin to remove bacteria and reduces any redness caused by breakouts. Only use this mask 2 times a week maximum as it’s a little too hash for every day. 

Stage 3. Once you have finished the rest of your regime (this stage on a morning) use either the Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner or the Keihls Micro Blur Skin Perfecter. These two pore refiners work fantastic at blurring the appearance of pores and blackheads, whilst treating them at the same time. 

And there you go, a simple routine that can take away the appearance and treat blocked pores and blackheads. Let me know if you have any other products or treatments that take away your blackheads! As always, thanks for reading x


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