Oh, oh wow. Isn’t it just beautiful. I feel like this should be on an M&S advert. This isn’t just any aftershave, this is a warm, crisp, masculine aftershave with a ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS bottle. I mean look at it. This is literally a statement piece to a room in your house. 

I was having a little shop around on Click Fragrance and saw this little gem and I knew it straight away that it had to be mine. I had heard a lot about the new Valentino range from adverts in Mens Health, Stuff and T3 magazine but I never expected it to smell so good. I am no expert in aftershave and perfume smells so you’ll have to bear with me. It has a very coffee/chocolaty scent when you first spray it but after its sunk into your skin and settled in a little, it has this very masculine, long lasting scent that is absolutely amazing. 

Maybe I should leave this to the experts: 

Top Notes: Bergamot and myrtle.

Middle Notes: Coffee, hazelnut and chocolate.

Base Notes: Cedar and leather.

(Click Fragrance Description)

The one thing I look for in a fragrance is one that stays around all day, and after wearing this for a couple of weeks now I have had so many complements and comments about the delightful smell of it that I’m tempted to get my second bottle at the ready, even though I’ve not even used a millimetre of this yet. I suggest you get yourself on Click Fragrance and check this out now, its very affordable and as I’ve said before, smells delightful. 

I may go take a spray now, so I’ll love you and leave you, thanks for reading xx


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(This is not a sponsored post or a PR sample, I bought this myself and these are my own opinions)



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