We are right in the middle of the festival season and Leeds 2014 is coming our way. Make sure you have your willies and bum bags at the ready and most importantly protection and care for your skin! I’m sure all of you beauty enthusiasts and festival lovers may ask, how on earth do I look after my skin at a festival without all of my products? Well it’s next to impossible to take your full skincare routine to a tent with you, but here are a few goodies that will get you though the weekend. 

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Lets start off with the most important, SPF. Now the word SPF is getting thrown around bloggers and YouTuber’s this summer more than ever before, and everyone is right, they are very important. You’ll be spending very long periods in the sun and after a bevvy or two you become less aware of how hot the sun can actually get. SPF provides a barrier from UV rays to protect your skin reducing the risk for sun damage and burning. Using one simple product will take this risk away and allow you to enjoy the festival experience without the burnt shoulders and nose. My recommendation for sun protection is the Piz Buin In SunRadiant Face Cream SPF 30 and PizBuin In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray SPF 30. These may be mouthfuls to say but they are amazing sun protection products to block out those nasty rays. Both products are light, easily absorbed sun creams that sink right into the skin leaving no bleached appearance and most importantly smell amazing. The last thing you want is to look like a ghost, smelling like a bar of soap. They are also sweat and water resistant so the need to top up isn’t as often as others.  The packaging is also beautiful, with easy opening and closing that leaves no sticky dried up ends like some tubes do.

Next are your skincare essentials. You don’t want to be taking all your toners, serums, exfoliators and eye creams. Leave them in the cupboard. I highly recommend taking face wipes with you especially you girls, to take away all that makeup and dirt you’ve had on your face throughout the day. Try and find ones with cleansing lotions built in. You could also try taking an effective moisturizer such as the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. This award-winning product is very light and grease free. It improves the complexion and smooth’s the surface of your face leaving it glowing and revived. It comes in a compact size pump tube that gives you the right about each use. Follow this step by using the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour CreamSkin Protectant to take away any areas that could be dry, sun damaged, blemish ridden or abrasions. This works really well as an eye cream too. It has a silky texture that gives plenty of long lasting hydration to the targeted area, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I love it!

Finally, your last essential product is hand cream. As mentioned before spending lots of hours in the sun and spending your day using antibacterial cream can dry out your skin leaving it prone to cracking. To avoid dryness, use the ClarinsHand and Nail Treatment Cream. This amazing product helps soothe and soften your hands for long periods of time. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin and I’ve found it can be also used on the heels of feet.  Walking around in willies all day isn’t a walk in the park.


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