Now you may of heard about double cleansing and some people do ask… what is the point? Some people may think its a waste of time and to someone who doesn’t understand why its important, they are right, I mean think about it, it seems daft to do the same step twice in your skincare routine especially if your’s consists of quite a few steps. But you’re wrong!

Double cleansing is a very important stage when looking after your skin especially on an night time. Girls in particular! Can we just put out there now, we all need to throw those face wipes in the bin! They are no good for cleansing your face and basically rub the dirt on your face back into your skin (ew!). You need to start off with a oil, balm or butter. This will help take all the makeup you girls (and boys) have had sitting on your skin throughout the day, massage this into your face and splash off with warm water to open the pores. This can also help balance out combination skin with the introduction of oils. If you have access to one, use a muslin cloth or flannel as this helps remove extra makeup or dirt from your face. This is the most important step of double cleansing as you NEED to make sure you have a clean base for the rest of your routine, otherwise the whole procedure is pointless. Although I personally don’t wear makeup, I find this stage important to remove dirt and sweat from my skin and pores that has developed throughout the day. At the moment I’m using the Fabulous Face Cleanser by Aesop as its very light on my skin and doesn’t strip my skin at all.

Products good for this stage are:

The next stage is where you need to introduce a milk, cream or exfoliating cleanser. Now once all your makeup and dirt is taken away from your skin, this part you can begin to take it easy by massaging product number two gently. This part is important is it preps your skin for the rest of the routine and also you can introduce treatments such as blemish treatment cleansers. This is also the stage where you fit the cleanser to your skin type. If your skin is dry, use a hydrating cleanser, if your skin is spot prone, use something with glycolic acid to stop the breakouts of surface spots. 

Products suitable for stage number two are:

So there you go, hopefully now if you didn’t before, you have a little introduction to double cleansing and some products that I recommend using. Some people may have different suggestions or opinions on double cleansing products but these are the ones that work for me. Let me know what your double cleansing products are!


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