I was very kindly sent by ManKind the Nickel Eye Contour Lift which was very exciting as I absolutely love eye creams! Now this isn’t just any eye cream/gel/solution. Its one of those ones that actually work. Do you know what I mean? Instant results and we all like those!

The contour lift is actually a gel solution that completely takes away dark circles and bags under the eyes as soon as the gel skinks in! This is great for one of those mornings you feel really tired and less presentable for work than usual, at least you can rely on this to make your eyes kind of acceptable for the boss! The gel also has anti-aging properties that remove the appearance of wrinkles and lines. When applying it gives off a cooling sensation which is very soothing and relaxing, so you know somethings working! I highly recommend this product it really is one of those instant result products which there aren’t a lot of out there. At £22, it comes in a 20ml tube with a nice thin end to apply easily, its always the worst when too much eye cream comes out of your tube and you don’t know what to do with the extra (normally wiped on my trousers!). But there you have it, the Nickel Eye Contour Lift, let me know if you’ve tried this product and the results you got!

The second product I’m going to talk about is another that was kindly sent to me from Look Fantastic,  the Dr Brandt Pores No More – To Go Kit. And pardon my language but bloody hell, this is amazing! Its a four step kit that includes a cleanser, pore refiner, pores no more effect and a vacuum mask. This routine reduces the appearance of blackheads and prominent pores, helping remove unwanted oils and the perfect size for a travel kit.

First of all the Pores No More Cleanser. The solution its self is a gel form thats very light and gentle when applying, simply pump some of the cleanser onto your hands and massage into a damp face. Let it settle for a few seconds then rinse off with warm water. The cleanser its self is formulated from salicylic acid, tea tree oil which is known for its natural blemish reducing properties, and willow bark. This formula prepares you for the next step. I then applied the Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner. This is a pore mask that you apply only over the areas where you are effected most with prominent pores. This for my case is my nose, so I applied a thin layer which dries and leaves a white layer surfacing the pores. Once 5-10 mins is over, rinse off again with warm water leaving the pores open but clean. Next move onto the Pores No More Effect. This helps unclog pores and keeps them clean with no unwanted oils left on the skin. This is perfect for people who suffer from oily skin and need some of it taking away. The cream is quite a thick one so not much is needed. Lastly, you can move onto the Pores No More Refiner. This is a pore minimising refiner to remove the appearance. This is very similar to the Kiehls Micro Blur Perfecter that I will be reviewing later this month. This simple 4 step solution really does help reduce open pores especially for people with oily/combination skin. They are great sizes to use when traveling and can be packed away in the little pockets of your bag or suitcase. Again, another product that really makes an instant difference!

Price £46.00

If you’ve used any of the products in this post, let me know!


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*Products in this review were sent to me as PR samples*



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