Wow – just wow. I have waited so long to review this product and its finally here! The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (IMPROVED). The Effaclar Duo is a blemish and mark treatment cream now removing dark circles and reduce scaring. So so many bloggers and YouTubers have commented and loved this product and they have reason to do so. Its amazing. Its such a great treatment cream to use on those bad boy spots, and by morning they aren’t so bad boy! Literally, it completely reduces the redness and helps heal the blemish. 

The formula is designed to reduce inflammation and sooth marks. Its a creamy formula that has a very small tip of the tube for easy application as you don’t need a lot at all. Its designed to pin point targeted areas and specifics, so this isn’t a treatment cream you cover your whole face in, you simply target the specific spots or areas. The Effaclar Duo can be used with or without a moisturiser and can be used with sensitive skin types, therefore leaving this product suitable for most skin types. I really do like this product and can highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for an effective, mid priced solution. At £10.33, its an affordable little gem that can help anyone who’s looking for that extra help at taking away the marks we hate the most. 

What’s your favourite treatment cream?


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