In early July I was invited to the Murdock Summer Garden Party for the launch of their Renshaw cologne, which I unfortunately couldn’t attend. In spite of this, I was over the moon when I received a little delivery at my door with a few goodies from the Murdock skincare and cologne collection. 

Murdock is a brand that screams sophistication for men, where grooming becomes traditional and luxurious. Everything from the packaging, the branding to the products themselves offers quality and great British tradition. Murdock products embrace masculinity yet retaining that essence of indulgence and effectiveness in their skincare. I received two little skincare products which I must say are amazing. The first little gem was the Murdock Daily Facial Moisturiser. Containing extracts of horsetail, lemon, pine, rosemary and essential vitamins and minerals, this subtle scented moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated all day long. I found this really effective around my stubble and neck as it reduced irritation after a fresh shave and minimised redness. The creamy texture is very light and doesn’t feel greasy on your skin or on application. I found it sunk into the skin almost immediately making it soothing and enjoyable to use. Claiming to uplift dull skin and restoring freshness and vitality, I can vow for this and tell you now guys, it really does! This product is great for men that don’t like faffing about on a morning with a 6 stage skincare routine. With a simple pump action tube, this daily saviour is a perfect product for all skin types and ages. Costing £26 and lasting forever, this is definitely a product you’ll get your moneys worth with.

The second little skincare product was the Murdock Facial Scrub. We all know there are so many scrubs on the market especially for men when your skin gets a little rough around the edges. But finding one that doesn’t destroy your face with hard exfoliating beads or ones that completely strip your skin is the challenge. The Murdock scrub does nothing of the sort. With gentle sand partials and a gorgeous clean scent, this product is a complete winner for the mens facial product of the year in my eyes! Containing Aloe Vera, Jojaba oil and herbal extracts, it soothes the skin removing dead skin leaving it smooth and irritation free. I absolutely love this product! I can not find the words to describe the feeling when using this. The texture is so smooth it doesn’t even feel like your scrubbing your face. I also found leaving this on your face for 5 minutes after you’ve gently massaged it into the skin also works as a face mask if you fancy a little one on one time with yourself. Price, £24.

The next product I received was a sample pack of all of their colognes. After testing each one of these, it was so hard to pick a favourite out of them all. They all have sophisticated scents that scream masculinity. They are all really traditional fragrances and to be honest, I’d buy them all if I could. But after lots of sniffing and splashing on my neck, arms, hands, wrists and every place I could find on my body to test these, one stood out in the crowd. Fougere. 

The Fougere cologne is a very fresh and woody fragrance which I always look for in an aftershave/cologne. The scent is very herby but in a good way (I know a herby scent can be off-putting at times). Murdock describe the fragrance as:

“Embrace the vitality of the great outdoors, even in the heart of the city, with this mix of green herbaceous boards and accent native woodlands. Blended with premium English lavender from the Isle of Wight, ferns and oak moss to create a fresh British twist on the 19th century traditional French Classic, perfect for the stylish individual.”

I think that sums it up! I can not wait to purchase the larger version of this aftershave. At £70 for a 100ml bottle, this reasonably priced fragrance is defiantly on the shopping list! I absolutely love the whole Murdock fragrance collection and the two skincare products I’ve being testing, I can not wait to purchase some more to try. 

Have you ever tried any Murdock products and if so, which ones? What did you think?

Thanks for reading guys xx


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*These products were sent as PR samples*



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