Most products on my blog aren’t categorised as ‘budget skincare’ or at least aren’t exactly the cheapest of products, so I thought today would be a good time to write about what Ive been doing for the last two weeks! Some people simply can’t afford expensive skincare products, but as I mentioned in one of my pervious posts, drugstore skincare products can still give amazing results too. So after two weeks of testing I’ve put together a Budget Skincare Routine for anyone with combination skin like myself. I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone because everyones skins different, but I can assure you these products proved very beneficial to my skin over the time they were trailed. My aim whilst looking for suitable products was to keep it under £20 and have a four step system that covered, cleansing, toning, moisturising and the eyes. So here you have it, my budget skincare products…

First of all and probably one of the most important steps is cleansing, getting rid of all the dirt, sweat and makeup (for you girlies) off your face, preparing it for your next steps. The cleanser I bought was the Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. This is a nice creamy cleanser that you simply massage into your face then wash off with warm water or a hot flannel. Designed for normal to combination skin, this cleanser hydrates and cleans your facing leaving a fresh feeling on your skin. This has to be my favourite product out of the 4 I’ve chosen it really does give you that fresh burst and makes cleansing really enjoyable. The lotion isn’t sticky or clammy and really sinks into the skin. I really do recommend this product for anyone even if you aren’t restricted by price. Costing £3.95, this effective product really does score high on my expectations and delivers great results. The packaging is also very nice!

Next we move onto toner. For my toner I chose the Garnier Refreshing Toner, again for normal to combination skin types designed to brighten and tone the skin. This toner is great for people who suffer from sensitive skin and is enriched with lotus flower and moringa extracts. Simply drop the solution onto a cotton pad and wipe across the face and neck. Again for the girls this takes away any makeup you’ve missed with the cleanser and prepares your skin for sleep or to reapply makeup in the morning. I found this toner leaving my skin really soft for a long duration after use and refreshing when applying. At £3.15, this solution is very affordable with again great results.

When looking for a moisturiser I came across the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. This really appealed to me because Im aware there are people out there who don’t like to spend ages applying product after product to their skin especially if they have a busy lifestyle. This two in one formula provides long lasting moisture and 4 spot fighting ingredients to reduce the change of breakouts. Containing zinc and chamomile, this very refreshing product offers great results I found from day 1 reducing the redness in areas and shrinking blemishes. Costing £4.95, the most expensive product of the bunch, this is well worth the investment due to its two in one features. The texture is creamy and sinks into the skin easily, needing only a pea size amount.

Finally, the eyes. I chose the Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream as my eye treatment cream, providing anti-oxidants and daily moisture. This also contains SPF 15 so it will protect the skin from the sun and UV rays. The thing I like best about this solution is its non greasy and theres nothing worse than the feeling of grease especially around the sensitive skin near your eyes. It claims to remove the appearance of dark circles in 4 weeks so if you suffer from this, then this could be the product for you. At the price of £2.45 this is a lovely affordable product to fit into your skincare routine.

As mentioned before all of these products were tested for 2 weeks, used morning and night and have honestly given me a great result on my skin. I highly recommend all of these and would love to hear from you all if you have tried any of these and the results they gave you. Keep in touch xx


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