There are so many amazing blogs out there, some are well known and some aren’t known about at all. Some have 50 followers, some have 1000, some have 500000, but its not all about the followers. Some bloggers feel like blogging is a competition and focus on gaining as many followers as possible, rather than producing good quality content for their readers. Because we all know, the content of the blog is what its all about. I love so many blogs out there and there are so many people I’d love to meet after reading and keeping up to date with their posts. I thought I’d list today a few of the blogs I love and enjoy reading, there is no way I could write all of the ones I keep up to date with as it would take me forever but here are a few that I’m currently staying up to date with. Some you will know and some you may not, but please go and check them out!

I would love to hear your favourites so leave them in the comments below, as I said before, some people aren’t well known when the quality of their content should be credited!

Thanks for reading guys xx


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