Hi everyone, just a quickie today. Lets talk liquid exfoliators. 

Many people when they think of exfoliating is rough, gritty pastes that you scrub on your face till it feels like sandpaper! But nooooo, it is far from that. One of my favourite types of exfoliators are liquid based. These remain gentle on the skin causing no irritation, and here’s a good one for you.

Pixi Beauty have many interesting products but one that likes to stand out among the others is the amazing Glow Tonic. Pixi Glow Tonic is a liquid exfoliator that is extremely gentle yet effective when used. Many bloggers and YouTubers have crazed about this product and they sure have reason to do so. Helping exfoliate, firm and tighten the skin, this product fits well in an everyday skin care routine. Another great point about this product is that it can be used on dry, sensitive, normal and ageing skin, therefore suitable for most people. 

To apply, simply use a cotton wool pad and apply a few drops of the Glow Tonic solution, then wipe across your face, neck and of course behind the ears! Take time doing this as it becomes more effective, and of course relaxing as it gets the blood flowing! And there you go! Try it out and see the results. I did! I currently don’t know anywhere other than the Pixi Beauty website where you can buy this from, but costing £16 is a fairly good price for an effective exfoliator like this! A good little investment that lasts a hell of a long time!

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