So I decided to have a little splash out recently on a few products that I have being wanting to try for sooooooooo long now. Ever since I purchased the London Aesop Gift-Set for a friend it made me even more excited to dive into this amazing skincare brand. I mean look at the picture above, how consistent does the design look along their product range. I love how clinical and simplistic the packaging is and the feel quality is amazing. 

Anyways, I decided to try out a basic skincare regime, cleanser, toner and moisturiser from them to see what it was like and how they worked with my skin. So after two weeks of substituting my morning skincare routine for simply these three and a spot treatment cream, the results were amazing. My skin really did clear up so much especially the redness around my spot prone areas. Lets talk details.

The Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser has a gel consistency that has a very herby smell (this isn’t a negative thing). After applying to a wet face it cleans and cleanses the skin easily without irritation or that annoying foaming effect some have. It also isn’t too stripping so it doesn’t leave redness after use. I used a muslin cloth to wipe this off but a splash of water will do the job just fine. 

Next is the B and Tea Balancing Toner. This alcohol free toner infused with green tea and vitamin B is a very light weight solution that again smells very herby, but feels very relaxing when applying to the face. You immediately feel the toner make the skin feel a lot firmer and hydrated, unlike some toners that take away the hydration. 

Lastly, my favourite out of the three. The Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream. WOW! I mean wow. First of all it smells like fresh oranges and the texture is very light and non greasy. When you apply this to your face it leaves you with a matt effect rather than a sticky feel like some moisturisers. It also feels very cool and soothing on the face and I must say this has now being put straight into both my morning and evening routine. I simply love it! 

These products are all for normal to combination skin, all alcohol free and gentle on the skin so these can be used for all skin types or if you have any sensitive areas. I can say these won’t be the last Aesop products I will be buying as I already have my eye on quite a few more. Its a real shame they cost so much!! At around £70 for the three, they are well worth the buy and I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to explore a premium skincare brand. The only negative thing I can say about this is it would be helpful if the 100ml bottles came with a pump instead of an open bottle, it was a little fiddly to get the right amount of cleanser and toner onto my hand and cotton pad, but Im sure I’ll get over that. 


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