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Me and my friend Megan from Thumbelina Lillie, decided to do some cooking whilst waiting for the dreaded rendering of Final Cut Pro to finally finish. Looking around for recopies we came across The Cookie Monster from the well-loved blog Vivianna Does Makeup. Her pictures of the cookies looked amazing so this was definitely a sign to attempt them at least!

The recipe is also very straight forward, containing:

200g unsalted butter

300g caster sugar

1 large egg

275g self-raising flour

75g cocoa powder

three BIG bars of chocolate (white, milk and dark)

a splash of milk

(12 Cookies)

Because me and Megan never go by half, we decided to be really greedy and double the mixture to make 24 cookies! In a nutshell, cream the butter and sugar, add the egg, flour and coco-powder, and then add the chocolate pieces. For a more detailed method, check out Anna’s original post here. Once out of the oven (200*C for 10mins) leave to cool and they are ready to eat! And wow. That is all I can say, me and Megan looked at each other and couldn’t believe how delicious they are! The best bit is, they aren’t sickly or heavy on the stomach therefore you can eat and eat and eat them. This probably isn’t a good thing but lets not think into that!

I highly recommend trying these out and checking out Anna’s blog! 

Thanks for reading guys and make sure you check out my previous posts! Peace out xo


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