Today I thought I’d do a post I’ve never done before, talking about my ‘favourites’ in a certain month, this month being June! Now this month I’ve really being digging through my old products to try and get some use out of them. I buy so many things and use them for a little while then they get left at the back of my draw or in the bathroom cupboard. You all know what I mean. The straddler products I like the call them. The ones that get left behind. So digging through them I found a few that I haven’t used for ages and really got some use out of them this month. 

Clinique M Lotion
My first favourite that has really surprised me in the difference its made is the Clinique M Lotion for men. This lightweight moisturiser is basically a mans version of the dramatically different lotion typically retailed to women out of the three step system I adore. Its designed for normal to dry skin to give long lasting moisture in all weather conditions, firming and easing shaving irritation. Some people apply this to the face then wash it off, but Ive done fine leaving it on and applying morning and night. I’m one to suffer from shaving rashes really bad, yet this soothes and takes away the redness super fast! This really is one of those products you totally forget about then realise how good they actually are. I will definitely be adding this to my re-buy list when it runs out, highly recommended for any men out there, and a great gift if you ladies are struggling to buy for your other half. 
£23.00 – Debenhams

Alpha H Liquid Gold
I’ve already previously reviewed this product, and it carries on to amaze me at how brilliant this formula works! I use this twice a week on my evening skincare routine, and it provides amazing results the next day clearing redness and reducing blemishes. Its brilliant and theres simply nothing more to say about this little beauty. To read my full review click here
£31.50 – Cult Beauty

L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray
This by far has to be my favourite all time hairspray, its brilliant! Due to having really dark hair its so hard to find a hair product that doesn’t flake when it gets moved around. However, this has all the key ingredients; firm hold, no flakes, no greasy texture, long lasting! That basically sums it up doesn’t it! I say firm hold yet its still flexible enough to restyle, not liquid concrete like most hair sprays end up resulting in. Again, I highly recommend this for men and women, not just from its great styling properties, but it lasts a hell of a long time. This bottle has lasted me quite a few months now and it still isn’t all gone.
£6.60 – Boots

Ralph Lauren: Polo Red
This is another one of those products that gets threw to the bottom of your draw. Or should I say back of the draw with this one. I got this bottle last christmas as a gift and used it for a few days, and like the rest of your christmas presents they get put away and 60% of them get forgotten. I actually forgot how nice this aftershave was, it has a really fruity and spicy smell to it. A great masculine fragrance that would be a perfect gift just like mine was to me. Its available in three difference sizes, 40ml, 75ml and 125ml, and usually comes free wash bag or weekend bag. A great birthday gift for your fella.
£39.00 – 75ml The Fragrence Shop

Muk: Raw Muk Wax
Hair products are something that I am really fussy about, as mentioned above one reason being that my hair is dark and I hate the flaky look when its been blowing in the wind or one of your friends finds it funny giving your head a rub *ANNOYING*. But the Muk Raw Edition is very flexible yet provides long lasting hold, especially when combined with the Elnett Spray mentioned above. The wax is like a paste texture, and when rubbed into the palm of your hand creates a transparent paste. Highly recommend this to anyone who likes a rough look to their hair as well as quiffs and spikes! This does however have a bit of a shine to it so if you prefer more of a matt effect, this isn’t the wax for you I’m afraid. 
£11.00 – Amazon

and lastly…

The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream
This again I have reviewed in a previous post, yet still remains a favourite of mine. If you’ve read my previous review of this, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of hand creams at all due to them leaving my hands feeling sticky and uncomfortable. However this cream really does sink right into the skin making your hands super soft and not leaving you with that sweaty palm feel. If you want to read my previous review of this product click here.
£5.00 – 30ml Body Shop

So there you have it! My June 2014 favourites. This really is a mixture for men and women so I hope you have some good ideas from this for your next buy, or a gift for a friend, family or lover. Let me know what your June favourites are and make sure you click the follow link for BlogLovin! That way you can stay up to date with all my latest posts.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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