So today I picked up probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever bought, and wow… this has made me shower in a completely different way. Yes this may be a slight exaggeration, but never the less, this shower tool has really blown me away. Passing through Boots I came across the new Dove Active Clean Shower Tool for men. Its basically one of those shower puffs/scrunchies everyone has, but with a rubber cup around one half of it, with an exfoliating pad on the back. Strange I know! But believe me now, this is one of the best inventions or should I say, adaptations I have came across in such a long time.

The cup makes holding the scrunchie a lot easier, giving you a more enjoyable shower. The actual fibres of the puff are nice and tight together so you can create a nice motion when rubbing whatever shower gel you use into your skin. The exfoliating pad on the back is also very smooth on the skin yet having enough roughness to take off all the dead skin. My skin tends to be quite sensitive to exfoliating pads and brushes, usually leaving me with a nasty red rash afterwards but this does nothing of the sort after use. Finally it has strong, cotton rope handle to hang it up to dry after use.

This really is a cleaver, simple tool that makes showering a lot more enjoyable and easier. At only £3.15 this is a great product for men and women. The product is originally branded and marketed to men however I don’t understand why this can’t be used for women as well.

Let me know what you guys think!


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