A few days ago I was passing by my local Body Shop and noticed they had a 30% sale on. Well, we all know what that means! Shopping had to be done.

I decided to be on my best behaviour and set myself a £20 limit, but obviously since it was 30% off, this meant I could spend up to £20 after the discount was deducted. Can we see where my logic was going here? Anyway, I finally pulled together 4 products that looked very interesting and this is what I bought. 

Firstly, I came across the Seaweed Clarifying Toner. I decided to buy a toner due to my amazing Clinique toner running out and I’m waiting for my three step system to finish before I purchase a new one. At first glance it doesn’t look that appealing as the packaging is very simple and basic, but once I started to read more into it, it started to look quite interesting. I noticed at first it was designed for my skin type (combination/oily skin), so this was already a bonus. It claims to leave skin feeling refreshed and firm, whilst removing impurities and refining pores. Whilst using the product it really did live up to what it said. My skin felt very clean and refreshed. Due to it being alcohol free, it didn’t leave any irritation or redness which was another bonus. At only, £8 this 200ml bottle really was worth the purchase. 

Next I picked up two hand creams. Ive never really been into them as my hands are never really dry and hand creams usually leave them feeling sticky and greasy. Due to this I couldn’t justify paying for the large tubes, so I settled for the 30ml travel size, just in case they weren’t what I expected. The first one was the Hemp Hand Protector which I’ve bought a friend as a gift in the past. Hemp seed oil is a natural substance proven to reduce dryness in the skin, and protecting the natural oils. The other one I purchased was the Almond Hand & Nail Cream. This was basically an impulse buy as I love the smell of Almonds. This formula has moisturising elements for conditioning nails as well as the hands, leaving them shine and whitlow free. These both cost £5 for 30ml tubes and I recommend these for anyone with dry skin, for those of you with naturally smooth hands, I don’t suggest buying these as they could increase the amount of natural oils and leave your hands feeling greasy.

Lastly I came across the Nurtiganics Smoothing Eye Cream. I love a good eye cream that doesn’t leave your eyes feeling clammy and greasy before bed. Having 97% natural ingredients, this cleaver little gem reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Lets look at it as a pre-anti-ageing product.

The tube has a smooth pump action applicator which allows you to control how much solution you need. I found that you don’t need a lot of this at all as it spreads generously around your eye from just a small drop on the tip of your finger. In addition, it has a scentless aroma therefore less irritation to the eyes. This came to £14 and is well worth it. 

So as I came to pay the total of these products came to £32.00 but with my cheeky discount, £22.40. I admit I went over my target but I did pretty well! If you have tried any of these products or any similar, let me know. Don’t forget to check out my BlogLovin account and my previous posts too!

Take care people xxx


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