Instagram as you are all aware has became an international craze, having more than 1.6 billion daily likes! This was all due to the function of being able to customise and edit a photo with preset filters. But where have these filters and styles came from? Well, these are all replicas of vintage camera developing styles and effects. So for all of you out there who have Photoshop, heres a little tutorial using adjustment layers to create your own Instagram vintage effect. The actual effect I’m trying to replicate is the ‘Nashville’ filter. This poses as a vintage camera developing aftereffect.

First of all you will need to launch photoshop, and open your chosen image. 

Next you will need to click on Image – Adjustment – Brightness/Contrast and increase the contrast by 20-30. This will depend on the exposure and saturation of the original photo. But you will know if it looks good or not!

The next step is to start creating adjustment layers, so click on the Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Levels. This is where you can start to create the Nashville effect. 

Next change the colour mode from RGB to Blue, and set the output level slider to around 116. This is shown below.

Now its time to create another layer so same again, Layer – New Fill Layer – Solid Colour, and choose a beige colour. I have shown an example of this below. The lighter your image the more intense the colour. If your not sure what colour to choose a good mid way shade is d5b186. These steps are shown below.

Now set the blending mode to multiply. Your image should start to take shape now!

Next create your final adjustment layer, Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Curves. Create a 3 stage curve similar to the one below. 

And there you go, you are now finished. There are many tweaks and tricks you can add to this image to change the effects but this is just a base for you to experiment on! I hope you have found this tutorial useful and I would love to see your attempts and versions of this tutorial. If you want to see more photoshop tutorials please let me know.

Bye for now xx


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