Taken on a Canon 7D with 50mm 1.8

The day has finally came. It’s took a while but I have finally pushed myself to fork out on buying this all time legend of a lens. And yes, what a legend it is! Most people interested into the world of photography are well aware of Canons red ringed L series, and the power over other lenses they have.  The L series dominate the market with their on-going appeal to the professional photographer, and boy do they have reason to do so! This review won’t be in depth as there are plenty more out there by a lot more experienced people than me, but this is just my first impression and opinions. Lets start with the tech specs that are listed on the Canon website itself…

  • L-series optics
  • Lightweight 4.3x zoom
  • Constant maximisation f/4 aperture throughout zoom range
  • Three-stop Image Stabiliser
  • Fast autofocus
  • Super Spectra coatings
  • Circular aperture provides pleasing background blur
  • Soft case and lens hood

The first thing I noticed when unpacking this lens was the build quality. The lens its self has a very durable feel to it, with its rugged plastic outer coating. The focus and zoom ring are made from a thick rubber providing grip and smooth motion when turning them (great for video work). When zooming into the lens it remains very compact although it provides a decent zoom range. This will be good for those discrete moments when trying to capture a special moment, such as during a wedding shoot. The autofocus is extremely fast and quiet! The only thing I can negatively say about this product is the weight. I am use to carrying around a heavy camera, but this lens is slightly heavier than any I’ve used before. This won’t be too much of an issue as its not uncomfortable, but you can notice a big difference in weight if you are use to standard kit and zoom lenses. Overall this is a fantastic product from Canon and I highly recommend this to anyone seeking an all purpose lens. I can clearly see why it has been so popular over the years and it makes me wonder why I didn’t purchase this earlier. At the price of £630.00 (Amazon, 31/05/2014), this expensive little charm is well worth the investment. 

Thanks for reading guys and make sure you stay around as I will be back to skincare next time!

Ciao for now xx


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