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Today I had a little spending spree, not a big one but enough to do a slight little bit of damage to my bank account. I haven’t shopped in Lush for a long time and I thought it was about time I treat myself to a few things, so here we go! I’m also going to mention another one of my holy grail products from lush in this post right at the end!



First of all when I entered Lush I discovered that they had a new range of old products that I was familiar with. These are the new Self Preserving products which use no artificial preservatives. This kind of amazed me. It works by using natural preservatives such as salt and honey to keep your products lasting as long as possible. Around 70% of Lush products are self preserving now, and only some use synthetic preservatives to stop bacteria growing on them. Obviously, avoiding anything synthetic helps your skin but don’t be alarmed because all of Lush products are safe and of course not tested on animals!

Anyway back to business. My first self preserving product was the famous Mask Of Magnaminty. This is a face and back pack reducing the risk of breakouts and as you can guess, smelling of peppermint. This is a very gentle mask for the face and also works as an exfoliator leaving clear and calm skin. I picked this up for £5.25

Next was another face product, Ocean Salt face and body scrub. This is made from avocado and lime, designed to soften the skin and exfoliate all the dead skin cells away. Again this was another of the self preserving products and for a 120g tub, costing £7.25.

Next was a re-buy of a product I’ve had before called Popcorn Lip Scrub. This is a great product especially in the winter when your lips are all chapped and split. Ive done a full review here. Costing a little pricy £5.50, it is a great product that brings back that summer smile.

My next little buy is a product thats been recommended to me by so many people. It has even been featured on popular YouTubers such as Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force, the amazing, Grease Lighting. Grease Lighting is a spot treatment gel that you put directly onto the ‘biggens’. It uses tea tree oils which are well known for anti-septic properties and redness reducing remedies. Wow that was a tongue twister. I’ve being really excited to try this product for a long time so I will probably do a review later in the year after a month or two of testing it out.

Lastly as mentioned before, I am going to mention one of my all time favourite Lush products. Every day without a doubt I use the Lush Tea Tree Water. This toner spray is a great product to fit into your every day routine leaving your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. It can either be applied onto a cotton pad and dabbed onto the face or a direct spray. I prefer the direct spray as its very refreshing.



I hope this little haul has inspired you and got you thinking about your next buys. Please let me know if you have any other recommendations for Lush or any other brand! Stay in tune and follow me on BlogLovin 🙂


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