Hey Everyone,

I thought I’d talk to you all today about a type of photography that a lot of people over see and basically aren’t aware of. Yes you have your common themes, portraiture, landscape, commercial, wedding etc, but many people aren’t familiar of the term urbex, and urbex photography. Urbex comes from the word urban exploration, meaning exploring man made structures, mainly abandoned and old. This goes from old grave yards, mental institutes, apartments and many other structures. The fun thing is most urban exploration trips involve trespassing or taking risks to get to the location. FUN!

There are so many places and ideas for photos that involve urbex photography and it’s something that I would love to look deep into and find some of these bizar places! I mean who doesn’t love a bit of exploring. There are some great photographers out there that have embraced urban exploration, from the likes of Amy SpanosForladte Steder and Denis Tremblay. I highly recommend checking these fantastic photographers out!

Below are some photos from a recent shoot of mine, embracing urbex elements, but I would love to experiment more in different locations and surroundings! Who knows? This could happen pretty soon…





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