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So today I decided to treat myself. Im always carrying around my giant SLR and I must say its a pain in the neck, literally. Yes its good for photography jobs of course, and for the odd trip out, but it isn’t the most portable of things and can really get in the way. So what the solution? Buy a smaller camera. Ive always wanted a small point and shoot camera with the same functions of an SLR and after lots and lots of research to see what was on the market with the budget I had, I finally found one.




And wow am I impressed!

Straight away after unboxing it the quality of the casing was amazing, it has a rubberised grip to add stability and comfort whilst shooting and a huge 3″ touchscreen. The first thing I noticed about the camera was the image quality on the screen! It was so sharp and detailed. The camera also has an intelligent focus tracking mode, where if you click on a certain area on the screen the camera will hold onto this area and keep the focus. I could see this being very handy if doing any video work (did I mention it films at 50fps at 1080p! Thats HD slow-mo in tech terms). It also as great scene modes and 3D optimisation. Another great feature is the WIFI settings where it can automatically transfer to a device such as a mobile phone or tablet. A GPS location also geo-tags onto every photo you take.

I could talk all day about the features that this camera has, but if you want to know all of these check out the link below.


Also for a full review, tech radar have done an amazing one here!

At the great price of £199.99, this camera gives you total freedom with your photos at a portable level. You get so much for your money and its the perfect camera for anyone who does blogging, journalism, vlogging, amateur photography, travel photography and many more uses. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a affordable point and shoot.



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