So today I thought I’d do something a little different to my usual reviews etc, and talk to you all about the myths of grooming and beauty. I’m sure all of you who are into skincare and keeping yourself looking good have watched hundreds of YouTube videos from your favourite bloggers, learning many tips and tricks for your routines and regimes. But I can tell you now people, most of what you learn is utter rubbish and simply to make the videos they are filming pretty and sophisticated. I’m no expert in skincare but I know enough that half of the things you see doesn’t do anything to improve what you want at the end of the day. So here we go, my top 5 myths of the trade.

Starting with the worst of them all… candles.
Almost all YouTubers who blog skincare routines always have that one or five candles burning in the background, and they all tell you to go out and buy one. This is probably a Jo Malone candle too, costing around £40 as all YouTubers seem to have the same obsession. Yes these may smell lovely but they are simply to give a nice bokeh effect in the background of their shallow focused videos.

Next are muslin cloths. These expensive sheets of material are always mentioned in skincare videos to rub off your cleanser and exfoliator. Tell me people, what is wrong with a Tesco or Asda’s own bathroom flannel. Firstly being a lot softer on the skin therefore causing less irritation, and a hell of a lot cheaper. Flannels also last a lot longer than muslin cloths and are easier to wash.

Another myth is that using expensive beauty and skincare products are the only things that will keep your skin healthy. Wrong! Yes of course the more expensive the product, the better you expect the results to be. But this is completely wrong. Skincare products react differently to different peoples skin, and getting the right ones is the struggle! I have learnt over the years that the key to having good skin and keeping it looking healthy is looking after it. I don’t mean looking after it by applying expensive cosmetics, but simply keeping it clean! Ive found Boots own cleansers have amazing results on your face, and many other products that work just as good as the expensive ones. But as mentioned before your skin can react very differently depending on the person and product so don’t be afraid to try out the cheap stuff first before you end up spending £50 on a moisturiser.

Lots of moisturiser can cause breakouts! This is another myth and where many people go wrong in their skincare routine. As Caroline Hirons said, “A good moisturiser won’t cause a breakout”. Most people also apply a moisturiser without cleaning and cleansing the skin. This is just trapping the dirt under the moisturiser so where most people are breaking out, its actually due to not cleaning your skin in the first place, not the products being used.

And lastly, having lots and lots of products in your skincare routine. Yes if you can afford it, the optional extras such as oils and eye creams are great and exciting to try out. However, simply having a cleanser, toner and moisturiser is all you need to keep your skin under control. Try looking for 3 step systems such as Clinique, Murad, Clean & Clear and  Nutriganics. These are all simple kits that have great effects depending on your skin type.

I know people have different opinions on skincare and these are just mine, but I hope this has inspired you and influenced your opinions on the myths out there. Let me know if you have any other myths Id love to hear them! Thanks for reading guys!!


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