Today me and a few friends from Uni decided to go on a little road trip to the town Whitby, sat on the east coast of England. Although the weather wasn’t glorious we couldn’t of asked for anything better because unlike most days in the british weather system, it didn’t rain thank god! Whitby is commonly known for its amazing fish and chips and of course the birth place of Dracula. It really is a quirky little town and there are so many little shops that sell the most unique things that you wouldn’t find in your day to day shopping centre. For example we came across this shop which was like a small version of Lush, selling a range of homemade bath bombs and soaps, not to mention little shops selling keep sakes and ornaments. Anyway I could go on forever about whats at Whitby but Ive selected a few snaps from the day and you can see them below! 

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