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As many of you are well aware, Boots have a massive 3 for 2 offer at the moment on thousands of products in store, and I thought today I would take advantage of that and show you all my top recommendations for toiletry miniatures, for any of you that are going to Festivals in 2014. Festivals can be very unglamorous at times, and along with all the food, clothes and camping gear, its hard to find room for your day to day essentials that keep you fresh when you wake up! So I thought I’d put together four main essentials that are very cheap and easy to carry around in the small pockets of your bags. So here we go. 

Personal hygiene is a huge part of going to a festival and its something that you need to keep a close eye on. Most people don’t shower for the whole time they are away so keeping yourself as clean as possible is the number one factor. First of all in my miniatures was the Lynx Africa Body-spray Miniature  This is something I’ve used for a very long time and it was one of those things I use to slip into my PE bag at school, and I’m sure 90% of the male UK population has probably experienced Lynx at some point in their life. Its just one of those things that you can quickly spray yourself with before you head off to a stage or if your feeling a little bit smelly in the morning. 

Next also to do with personal hygiene was the Cuticura Anti-Bactirial Hand Gel. This is another MUST HAVE if your heading off to a festival this year. I mean think about it, its going to be a bit dirty and especially after you use one of the so called public loos, you may want to give your hands a quick clean to put your mind to rest at what could be lurking on your fingertips. This hand sanitiser has a subtle cucumber smell to it and is also apparently fast acting on getting rid of bacteria off your hands. 

Next is the Palmers Coco-Butter Formula. Now I’ve always used the large bottles of this but I didn’t know you could get these awesome small ones until browsing the shelves today at Boots! I mean look at them! They are so cool and the smell is absolutely amazing. If you’ve never tried this and love a good thick skin moisturiser, this is for you. I thought this should be included in the essentials because if you suffer a little bit of sun burn that isn’t too bad, this will be nice and soothing especially on the shoulders and arms. And it really does relieve your skin!

And lastly, this wasn’t included in my 3 for 2 but I saw it and thought it was so cool. A tiny bottle of Listerine Total Care mouth wash. There is nothing more to say about this little gem other than it will come very handy in the morning especially if your sharing a tent with someone. The last thing you want is morning breath in a cramped hot plastic bag. 

So there you go, there are many other miniatures in the 3 for 2 in boots including Soap and Glory, TRESeeme and Nivea. So go and take a look guys! Thanks for reading as always and my social links are right below 🙂


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