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So I decided it was about time I invested and tried out some more high end skin care products, and whilst shopping around I came across two that really stood out to me, not just by the way they looked but the constant 5 star reviews they were receiving! 

The first product I came across was one Ive being wanting to try out for ages. Serums have always being something I’ve being weary about due to my skin having dry and oily areas; and because serums are usually quite oily Ive always stood back from them. However Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate took me by surprise and gave me exactly what I wanted from one. At first when I applied it, it felt oily and greasy however, as soon as it soaked into my skin, the feeling went away immediately! I applied it by using the pipet provided onto my hand (just 1 or 2 drops) then patted it into the key areas of my face with my finger then stroked my hands around my face to make sure it was applied evenly. After using this my face felt so refreshed and firm, the feeling was sensational. If anyone is looking for a night serum that isn’t oily or greasy when applied, I highly recommend this for anyone of any age! Its simply outstanding!

My next product was one recommended to my by a friend, Alpha H Liquid Gold. Ive also seen a lot of reviews for this product on the internet and YouTube. This product however can be strong for people with sensitive skin, so I recommend only using it once or twice a week. But it gives dramatic effects, leaving your skin glowing and fresh. Apply using a cotton wool pad, and wipe around all areas of the face, and finally finish by wiping the neck area. This is a great product to use in a weekly deep cleanse routine. 

I picked up the Kiehls Midnight Recovery for £36.00 from kiehls.co.uk

and the Alpha H Liquid Gold for £31.00 from cultbeauty.co.uk

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