Hey everyone!

I thought Id talk to you all today about some lifestyle advice and hopefully you can all relate to this. Relationships.

And I’m not exactly one for being literate and poetic, but my question is… what is your interpretation of love?

To me love is like a mirror. Yes a mirror.

One day you’ll be browsing around and wow. You’ll see the most amazing mirror and immediately fall in love. You know what I mean, them ones you think I need that in my life. Well its like a relationship, you’ll be doing your day to day routine and see that one person. Then immediately you want that person. Back to the mirror… You put the mirror up on the wall and keep it clean, looking at yourself in it as the mirror looks at you back. Shiny, crisp, scratchless. For a while you’ll look after the mirror, keeping it clean, polishing the marks, but then it becomes forgotten. That mirror isn’t as important as it once was, and you forget to maintain it. The mirror becomes dirty… dull and not how it use to be. You look at the mirror and what you see wasn’t what you saw at the beginning. 

Then one day that cheap hook you bought to put that mirror up, falls off the wall and smash. Hundreds of pieces of glass all over the place. You rush around, cursing in anger and spend so much time picking up all those pieces, wondering why it fell, what went wrong? And theres always that one bastard piece of glass you can’t find. That one thing, you can’t get your head around. That one thing stopping you from finding the solution. But we still wonder, and we still look for it? 

My point is, we spend so long trying to piece together what went wrong, trying to fix whats broken, when the solution is right in front of us. Grab a dust pan and brush, sweep it all to the side and get back out there and buy a new god damn mirror. A better one to replace the broken one!

Do you see where I’m coming from! Hope this has inspired a few of you out there. As much as you wish that mirror hadn’t broke, it did. Maybe you should of fixed that hook in the wall better, or maybe it was sheer bad luck it fell. You might find that missing piece, but theres plenty more mirrors in the world for you. So don’t waste your time 🙂

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