Hey everyone!

I thought today I would share with you my daily hair routine, it isn’t a long winded one like some peoples are, but something simple that I can do every morning when I wake up and get ready. So here we go!

First of all I start off with washing my hair, using the Timotei Shampoo. This is a great shampoo due to how basic it is, yet it gives that high quality feel once you’ve used it. It also contains no silicones, parabens or colourants, having only natural and organic compounds and ingredients in it. Lastly it contains green tea extracts, and as you all know green tea makes you feel refreshed and ready for the day, hence why you should drink it on a morning (the tea not the shampoo guys), but Timotei claim that it makes your hair “fresh, light and beautiful”. I think this is a great shampoo especially if your on a budget as you can pick it up for around £2.99. They also do a conditioner with the same green tea extract, however I try to stay away from conditioners, due to my hair being quite thin. 

Once Ive washed my hair, I use sea salt spray to give it that extra bit of thickness. I spray this on before I blow dry my hair. I use the Catwalk by TIGI Salt Spray which is absolutely amazing. It gives a great texture to the hair making it slightly more volumised without that waxy feel. For girls it can also maintain frizz control and keep hair in position longer. I blow-dry this into my hair then once its dry my hair feels a lot thicker and makes it easy to style later.  The salt spray can be picked up for around about £7.99 best on amazon!

Finally once my hair is dry, I leave it for around about 5 minutes while I grab some breakfast then come back upstairs to apply my hair wax. Now when I style my hair I tend to go for the matt look, rather than a shiny glossy approach. This is mainly because it lasts longer and its easy to reposition your hair later on in the day. My wax I use is the Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Shaper. This is one of my luxury hair products as Ive only ever seen it online and it comes with a quite expensive price tag for a tub of wax, at £14.99 on GroomU. However its amazing! The great thing is you don’t actually need a lot as it spreads when you rub it into your hands before applying. As mentioned before this gives a matt finish and smells delightful. This is best applied to dry hair and reduce that shiny/greasy look. 

So there you go, my short hair routine! As mentioned with the Catwalk Salt Spray, the first two products are great for men and women. I hope this has gave you some inspiration and tips for your hair routines and thanks for reading as always guys! Please check out my other social links at the bottom and check me out on bloglovin.


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