Hi everyone,

I’m sure from the title of this post you are all aware of what I’m talking about, yes unfortunately some of us do have to have those nights home alone, and they are definitely worst when you’ve had a really bad day! Well I have a solution, and this is what I did tonight!

First of all I ran a nice bath full to the brim with hot water and crumbled one of my new Lush Bath Bombs in it, which I must say smelt amazing! The one I used was actually on offer with a 50% discount called Honey Bee which was amazing! As soon as you drop it into the water it floats around fizzing away, releasing its sweet caramel/honey scent. Apparently this bath bomb is great for soothing skin, sun burn and itchy skin. I would definitely give this a five star! 

After my bath I then washed, cleansed and moisturised my skin with the Clinique 3-Step System which is my all time favourite skin care routine. I used to have really bad acne when I was younger and I’ve tried countless routines/regimes and over all these years I haven’t found one so good. I will be doing a review on this very soon so keep checking guys!

After I finished cleaning my face I got tucked up in bed with my favourite all time drink… Baileys! If you haven’t tried Baileys, I suggest you do! I feel its a great evening drink thats enjoyable most of all over ice cubes. But it doesn’t have to be Baileys your drinking, you can choose any of your favourite beverages that helps you relax and you enjoy to drink (most importantly).Along side this, I had two Favorina Gingerbread Biscuits. Also if you haven’t tried these, they are amazing so I suggest you do! You can get them for around £3 in places like Lidl and Aldi. They are like small gingerbread cakes covered in chocolate or some with icing.

And there you go, there is my simple night in alone routine! I hope this has inspired you and gave you a couple of ideas to try out of your own. Thanks for reading guys! xox


Bath Bomb: https://www.lush.co.uk/product/202/Honey-Bee-Bath-Bomb
Clinique 3-Step System: http://www.clinique.co.uk/cms/product/supercat/3step.tmpl
Favorina Gingerbread: http://www.lidl.com.mt/cps/rde/SID-C9145396-524FBF40/www_lidl_mt/hs.xsl/assortment-favorina.htm?action=showDetail&id=361

Canon EOS 7D • 1/60 • 3.2 • 50mm Lens • Slight increase in saturation and contrast



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