Hey Everyone!

I was thinking today this year I MUST do something! And I don’t just mean your standard new years resolutions most people say they do then tragically fail… but the stuff thats actually doable and well, fun! Everyone seems to call this their bucket list where they some how turn into an extreme adrenaline junkie and only manage to complete 3 things off their list of 20 epic adventures. So I’ve decided Im going to call mine my Non-Bucket List. This is simply to bring me down to reality that I’m not Ethan Hunt jumping off a 50 story building with a tiny parachute in the middle of the night, but an average teenage boy with high aspirations of doing something productive with his year. Now I sound like a philosopher but honestly, I need to start putting ticks in my boxes.

So here it is everyone, my 2014 Non-Bucket List!

  • Go to a festival (I must do this! Yet another thing I’ve been saying year after year and never get round to sorting out)
  • Go to a concert 
  • Spend a day in York drinking
  • Go to the gym at least once a week
  • Get a new tattoo!
  • Stop giving a f*ck what other people think
  • Blog more
  • Meet new cool people!

This list may seem pretty boring to you all but my aim is to get a tick next to everyone of them!

Let me know if you have any suggestions to anything else I can add to this list :)! 

Bye for now xxx

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