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As you may or may not be aware one of my passions and ultimate obsessions is photography! Ive taken photos all my life and had a small business called gianniC photography for around 5 years now.

Buying a camera can be a very very complicated decision because they aren’t simple at all, and there are so many factors you need to think about before you empty your purse purchasing one. So hopefully this little blog post will help you decide what you need and don’t need!

So, first things first… What is your camera going to be used for? This is the question everyone needs to start with! Are you going to be using it for taking photos at parties? Do you want it to be able to fit into your handbag? Are you thinking of having a career in photography and want something to start off with, or even just to explore more into photography and have the freedom to do that? 

Next… How will you be carrying this around? Do you want a small or big camera? Professional cameras such as SLRs can be very big and heavy to carry around, so buying one of those and planning to fit it into your pocket is going to be impossible. These cameras are also delicate in ways so I recommend having some kind of protective bag made for SLR cameras if you decide to purchase one of these.

Where will your photos be published? Now I don’t mean published as in an article in a magazine, but where will you be showing them? If they are going to be just kept on a computer for memories, you don’t really need a camera with a very high megapixel, otherwise you’ll just be wasting space on your hard drive. However, if your into photo editing or wanting to get them printed off, then a higher megapixel will be needed so there isn’t any pixelated areas in the photo. This is also good if you want to crop any of the photos you take because you still end up with a high quality image. 

Are you a photography enthusiast? By this i mean do you want to just simply take a picture without having to faff on, or do you want to play around with the settings to get different outcomes with your photo such as the shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Many simple point and shoot cameras however have these features built in now anyway so you always have that option. 

And lastly, will you be taking any videos on this camera? Most point and shoot cameras and SLR cameras tend to have full HD 1080p video recording features however SLRs have a lot more control over depth of field and lighting when video recording.

So there you go guys, hopefully this post has given you a few things to think about if you are going to buy a new camera, and just for your help I’m going to recommend my favourite cameras for people on a budget for the use they desire! 

Photo Enthusiast: wanting to experiment more with their camera
Canon Powershot S110
Best Price: Amazon £250.00

Budding Photographer: amateur starting off in the world of photography
Canon EOS 600D 
Best Price: Amazon £369.95

Simple Simon: someone who likes to take photos where they go simply for memories 
Samsung WB250F Smart Camera
Best Price: Amazon £103.00


(All photos used from Amazon.co.uk)

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